Homemade Granola

Last week, 5HJ explored ratios within recipes. We used a recipe for granola and used our maths skills to upscale it and create a recipe that would provide 32 portions which we then made using oats, raisin, cranberries and desiccated coconut. The finished product was served with natural yoghurt and went down an absolute treat!

Learn like an Egyptian!

On Monday, Year 6 were greeted by a real-life ancient Egyptian! First, they were shown how to mummify the body of an unfortunate enbalmer. Only recently did Year Six study the process of mummification and so this was a revision exercise, albeit with sight of some gruesome (plastic) organs.

The children enjoyed many activities throughout the day, such as city building and selecting different buildings based on their function, cost and points. Different, random world events determined whether a city flourished or deteriorated depending on the buildings they had chosen. Year Six also studied many Egyptian artefacts and learned about their significance to the ancient civilisation, many connecting the mortals to their gods.

After lunch, they played two different ancient Egyptian games: mancala and senet. Mancala, a basic accumulation game whilst senet’s rules were somewhat of a basic snakes and ladders. With Egyptian Arin, they also experienced writing a name in hieroglyphics using a reed ‘pen’ and a piece of papyrus.

Exciting Egyptians!

Since before half term, Year 6 have been studying the wonderful civilisation of ancient Egypt. This week, the children of 6CC have enjoyed learning about the significance behind the river Nile, the longest river in the world and how it acted as a source of wealth for the Egyptian people.
Through tea parties and building background knowledge, the children have also studied the gruesome process of mummification, with a view to planning their own mummification instructions.

Y5/6 Rounders Tournament @ Campsmount Academy

On Wednesday June 5th, Leger Sport hosted an exciting Year 5/6 rounders tournament featuring teams from across Doncaster. With a mixture of Year 5 and 6 pupils, the team got off to a good start with strong communication and reactions; throughout the tournament, they played exceptionally well, displaying remarkable skill and sportsmanship. The matches were intense, especially against Barnburgh, Mallard and Kirk Smeaton, where our players demonstrated agility and determination. Despite fierce competition, NJS secured a commendable third place. We are incredibly proud of their performance and the way they represented our school. Congratulations to all the teams and especially to our players for their outstanding effort!

New Hall Farm

During hook week, Yr 5 completed fieldwork at New Hall Farm in Barnsley where we learned all about who wheat and barley is grown, farmed and milled to make flour which is supplied to Warburtons to make bread. We also discovered how important hedgerows are to the many different animals and creatures that live there. Finally and most importantly, we had so much fun digging for worms in the cabbage field. Check out the size of some of the whoppers we found!

Y3 Unwrap The Bar

Last week Y3 kicked off our summer expedition “What is the cost of a bar of chocolate?” with an absolute bang! We started the week blind taste testing a range of different chocolates and discussing our favourites.

Then, we baked some delicious brownies to be sold at a bake sale to help raise funds for our final (top secret!) products!

We finished the week off in style, holding a competition to see who could build the tallest chocolate tower using melted white chocolate. We even built towers that were over 30cm tall!

Egyptian Day

To launch our new and exciting expedition – Happy, healthy me, the children were fully immersed in all things Egyptian on the first day back after the Easter break. 5HJ created mind maps of background knowledge about the Egyptians which they added to over the course of the day after looking at a variety of different sources.

Y3 Plant Trees

Y3 celebrated their amazing learning throughout the spring term by each planting a tree around the perimeter of the school field. We reflected on our guiding question “How can we protect our wonderful world?” and presented our learning to parents. We are very lucky that Murphy’s group donated enough trees that every child could plant their own with their own customised wooden tag.

Thank you so much to everybody that came and celebrated the children’s awesome work with us.

The French Revolution at Campsmount Come Dancing 2024 🪩

On Thursday 21st March, a team of twenty-one dancers took part in the annual Campsmount Come Dancing competition. After four months of weekly practice, their collective efforts and commitment culminated in a captivatingly dramatic performance in front of four judges and a raucous crowd of local parents and carers.

With strong competition from other local junior teams in Askern Spa, Barnburgh and Kirk Smeaton, The Norton Junior School dance team captured their audience with a energetic and emotive performance, based on the French Revolution, with accompanying music from Les Miserables. Just when staff and parents could not have been more proud, the team secured a perfect score of 40/40 and came first place in the competition. Spectacular effort! 🪩