Crucial Crew 2023

Year 6 took the annual trip to Crucial Crew in Rotherham to learn about important life scenarios and emergencies. Throughout the day, children were invited to take part in dramatisations and problem solve, with support from specialist instructors from the police and fire service.

6CC Globetrotters learn to master fractions, decimals and percentages!

In this week’s PE session, 6CC were focused on improving their passing skills and pass selection in game situations. After practising the passes in small sided games, the children began discussing and mentoring each other to make better choices when passing the ball. This culminated in the ballers applying their learning to a small sided tournament where successful passing and receiving were rewarded more than scoring! 

Maths has centred around the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages this week with the children learning to convert between the three forms. In today’s lesson, they mentored each other through the conversion process before undertaking an FDP trail, which practised a variety of fraction content learnt thus far. Top effort from all in 6CC as nearly all completed their chosen difficulty whilst others grappled with tricky SATs questions to extend their learning! #MathsTalk

Mixing up mixed numbers!

Adding and subtracting fractions was the focus of our mathematics earlier in the week. After sharing strategies to deal with some of the more challenging subtracting mixed numbers problems, 6CC’s skills were put to the test as they navigated the tricky ladder of fortune. 

With plenty of discussion, mentoring and enjoyment, all children, regardless of their own personal fortunes in the game, embraced the challenge with a smile. Awesome job, 6CC! 

Smile for the camera! 📸

After a jam packed hook week of learning about cameras, reporting historic events for the news and exploring light and the human eye, year six finally began their case study on civil rights. This week, 6CC have explored equality and inequality; today, we watched Martin Luther King’s speech, ‘I have a dream’ from 1963 whilst learning about his work, achievements and beliefs.


In their hook week, year six chose and drew their own camera based on a model. The children are especially proud of their creations which are now displayed down our corridor for all to see!

Visitors from The Royal Ballett

This week saw the end of our weekly ballet lessons with a visit from dancers from The Royal Ballet. The children took part in a selection workshop demonstrating different types of ballet. Both visitors and school staff were extremely proud of the behaviour and effort from all children. We will find out soon which children have been selected and who will carry on with their ballet journey. Huge well done guys!

Welcome Back Year 4!

Happy New Year year 4 and welcome back! It is absolutely delightful to see everybody again! Today, year 4 started looking at their new expedition, “The Power of Life” which will involve looking at sustainability and looking after our planet. To begin this learning, 4TE created some lovely posters all about how we can look after our planet! Great start guys!

A picture speaks a thousand words

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, one and all! Year 6 are back with a bang after the Christmas holidays and have begun their hook week for the Spring expedition, ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. This week, the children have explored the development of the camera and explored significant, iconic events that have occurred since its invention. Later in the week, 6CC will share with you pieces of art work they have completed as well as bringing the news to you. Stay tuned!

Christmas is for sharing! 🎅🎄

This week, 6CC have stepped into Christmas with full effect and have already begun their Christmas expedition inspired by the novel and film, ‘A boy called Christmas’. After watching this Santa origin story, the children have been busy exploring characters and the language author’s use to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind. So far, we have generated vocabulary for various fictional characters and sought to enhance our descriptions from simple words and phrases to expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and alliteration. Later in the week, the children will be writing their own descriptions for Matt Haig’s characters.

Christmas Scenes

To help capture the Christmas spirit, 6CC have also started work on their own Christmas scenes. So far, the children have chosen a stimulus to help them draw the outline in preparation for adding their chosen media over the next two weeks.

Visitors from the Royal Opera House

Today Y3 had the amazing opportunity to work with visitors from the Chance to Dance programme. Each class got an hour long workshop with Bim (a Royal Ballet artist) and Miss Wendy from Hazelbiz Performers Academy.

During the workshop we thought all about ice scupltures – how they look and how they might move. We focused on the word “gliding” and used this to help us move around the hall. Eventually, we turned ourselves into intertwining ice sculptures.