Cube work: thinking outside the box… 🧊

To begin their work on volume, 6CC’s work in Maths last week started with cubes. After discussing the differences and similarities between a square and its 3D cousin, the cube, the children started to think about how the space inside might be measured and how would the units of measurement differ.

After studying formula for volume, children set predicting how make cubes would be needed in total to make a larger cube so many cubes high before making and confirming their predictions. Others used the formula and knowledge of cube numbers to determine the edge length of a cube with a given volume. A great way for children to explore volume and introduce them to the properties of this 3D shape!

Industrial Revolution Artwork! 🖌️🎨🖼️

On Friday morning, the talented artists of 6CC embarked on a creative adventure, putting their drawing and watercolour skills to the test. The result? A stunning collection of Lowry-inspired final products that captured the essence of Doncaster’s prominent architecture from the Industrial Revolution.

With great attention to detail, the children meticulously recreated the city’s historical landmarks, breathing life into the iconic structures that once stood witness to the transformative era. The Industrial Revolution’s impact on Doncaster’s landscape served as the perfect backdrop for this artistic exploration. Still more work to do to finish these masterpieces and mimic Lowry’s the dull, industrial effect!

Wonderful Watercolours in Year 6! 🖌️🎨🖼️

Back after a deserved half term break, Year 6 have begun their second case study this week by diving into the world of Laurence Stephen Lowry. After studying a range of the artist’s works (consisting mainly of watercolour art showcasing city landscapes of the Industrial Revolution), the class unpicked the features of Lowry’s masterpieces. Today, they began learning about watercolour skills through tutorials – as a class, we discussed each skill and appraised how each would be utilised in our own piece of Lowry-like artwork.

After practising these skills, the children then began apply them to their own city landscape template. Whilst the Industrial Revolution will have cast a dark, ominous smog across the UK’s cities, many of our budding artists opted to show their blending and graded wash skills in more natural sky blue. Awesome work so far, guys!

Perimeter practical!

6CC enjoyed a first session recapping perimeter – a bit of hands on learning to begin the topic area using a variety of measuring equipment. Top effort from all and they were even brave enough to face the cold outside for some measuring and calculations! 👍🏼😁

Improper fractions dominoes 😊

This week 5HJ have been working hard conquering the world of fractions. Here were are playing dominoes by matching improper fractions with their mixed number partner. What started out as a tricky task soon turned into a competitive game which deepened understanding!

Setting Description Artwork!

Recently, 4TE have discovered that our English writing focus for this half-term is to create a setting description! To get us started and show the importance of being incredibly detailed and specific, the children had a go at describing different settings to their partner (without their partner seeing) with their partner then having to draw the setting being described to them! There were some very creative pieces of work created from some very detailed and specific narrators!

The ‘Plant’ 🏭🚂

This week, 6CC have enjoyed learning about the Doncaster Plant Works and its use throughout and after Industrial Revolution. After exploring the five stages of its development, the children created their own informational flap books as well as drawing their own unique covers for each of the phases. This was a piece of work where many members of the class enthusiastically took it upon themselves to write about the Plant and present their work as beautifully as they could. Awesome work, class!

Primary School Christmas Musical

A massive well done to the fabulous children who took part in the Christmas musical last night. They put on a super performance, sang their hearts out and delivered their lines like oscar worthy actors. Their hard work, giving up their lunch times, staying after school and being pulled out of classes paid off, with them giving a performance of a lifetime. Well done to everybody who took part, we are incredibly proud of you!

Crew Pizza! 🍕

This morning, Crew Cicero had a treat as they made their own pizzas in flexible Friday. The crew banded together ingredients, sharing cheese, pepperoni and ham as well as pittas for their pizza bases. Who needs Dominoes!

The Lungs of the World: Presentation of Learning 🫁

This afternoon marked a special occasion as parents and carers were invited into our Presentation of Learning for this term’s expedition, ‘The Lungs of our World’. After weeks of hard work learning about the geography and science behind the complex eco-system that is the Amazon rainforest, the children were finally able to present their outcomes: each child wrote a ‘Kapok Tree’ inspired rainforest story, which featured an endangered rainforest animal of their choice, as well as creating a handcrafted soft toy of their animal. The stories were shared last week with Year 2 at Norton Infant School where the children had their chance to read them to a younger audience and educate the infants about what they could do to help our world survive (reducing paper usage and using more technology at home and in the classroom). As act of activism, parents and carers were asked to donate money to the Wildlife Foundation, an organisation formed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to help promote animal welfare and educate the public about the dangers faced by endangered animals across the globe. Thank you to all who came and we hope your cuddly toys and rainforest stories bring enjoyment for years to come! 🦥