War do you think of that then!

Last week, there were some special visitors who had made their way all the way back from 1939 right to our school playground in 2022 to show the children some artefacts and items from World War Two! The children had a great time immersing themselves and finding out some fascinating information about the war from some brilliant experts! What war experts we are now!

Negative numbers on a table-scale! 🖊➕➖

Continuing our topic of place value, 6CC have been learning about negative numbers in maths this week. Following an initial lesson learning how to cross zero and find the difference between a positive and negative number, our crew needed some further support to bring them fully up to speed on the strategies we used so what did we do? We hired 10 voluntary maths specialists who were willing to consolidate their own learning by mentoring their peers. After supporting their ‘student’ through the basics, the student-teachers introduced their pupils to negative numbers but in reasoning and problem solving contexts. Sterling jobs, guys!

“Lest We Forget” Hook Week

This week year three have started their expedition learning all about World War Two. Y3 have produced beautiful artwork of a skyline during the Blitz, watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks, learned all about how World War Two started and created aiplanes out of lollipop sticks. It is fair to say we are now fully immersed in our autumn expedition and can’t wait to find out more next week!

Year 3 Community Games Afternoon

Yesterday, Y3 had a wonderful afternoon in our first community event. We were very excited to invite parents and carers into school to hold a games afternoon, taking part in games of bingo and even trying our hand at “Beetle Drive”, a popular game among children during World War Two. Thank you so much to all those who attended.