Nets, nets and more nets!

Rounding off our learning on properties of shape, the children investigated finding the various nets of a cube in pairs before turning their attention to some tricky nets SATs questions involving visualising the nets of different shapes. All pairs showed excellent teamwork, determination and, as usual, fantastic learning attitudes were on show. Great work, crew!

Catapults: Science Week Activity!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our science afternoon in year six. The children were put through a series of STEM challenges before creating their own lollipop stick catapults. Each catapult was tried and tested in the hall with their creations sporting colourful designs.

Year 5 Morning Sessions

It has been wonderful to see some of the students making the most of the extra time in a morning to complete a range of activities from handwriting to practicing their times tables on TTR.

Red Nose Day 🔴

We have been so impressed with the t-shirt designs around school today. Below are the winners from the different classes, voted for by the children. Our overall winner, picked by Mrs Smith is . . . William! 

We will make sure all of our winners get their prizes on Monday morning – well done everyone! 

Thank you to everyone who wore red, designed a shirt or made a contribution to Comic Relief. 

Mrs Parsons xx

Science Week Challenge

 The LKS2 theme for science week this year was connections so what could be more fun than building towers out of sweets. The children were challenged to construct the tallest free standing tower using only 2 pieces of equipment – midget gems and cocktail sticks. Check the wonderful designs by our year 3 children and parents. Huge thank you to all those who came to support their children.

Well done to these children with a tower measuring 72cm!

These two towers were chosen for the creative designs!

Science Day- Exploring Catapults

We had a lovely time creating catapults with our family members. It was great to see the competitive spirit from both the parents and students. The students and parents created, tested and adapted their catapults to try and fling their ping pong ball as far as possible.

Year 5- Reading

Last week in our reading session, the students had to answer questions about our text with a slight twist. Firstly, they had to find the questions that Ms Anderton had hidden around the outside of the hut. Other than a few complaints about being cold the studnets worked hard in their partners to answer the questions using evidence from the text.

Football Fusion Cup @ GOALS

The year six girls had an enjoyable afternoon competing against other UKS2 teams in Doncaster on the 8th March. In every game, the girls demonstrated teamwork, skill and physicality, especially in the face of larger, more assertive opponents. The winter weather added another, more chilly dimension to the competition and the team now look forward to possible competitions in the summer in warmer conditions. Well played, girls! ⚽

Finding Percentages in Y5

Last week in Year 5, we were exploring percentages of different amounts and to further develop our skills and understanding of how these may be used in the real world, we set up our very own shops. The students found a range of items and chose a price and percentage discount for each item. The other students who wanted to purchase the item had to work out the new price before they could take the item away.