Maths in 5JC

Some of the students were exploring powers of 10 in maths this week and had to follow the loop around the quad area!

Lavish Landforms ⛰️

This afternoon, 6CC explored the formation of human settlements. The children organised their settlements depending on the physical features of the environment, such as mountains, forests and rivers to name a few. The children then justified their decisions on where they placed key features to the group. Great class discussion and reasoning!


In P.E. this week, the children incorporated the fundamental skill of jumping into the skill of shooting in handball. Aiming to gain an advantage when shooting the ball, the children tried exceptionally hard to practice the jump shot before taking the new skill into the game. Extra points were on offer for those who jumped, shot and landed in the semi-circle, as well as for making an effort to recover the ball when possession was lost. Awesome effort and a special mention to Evelyn for performance in the mini-game!

Rainforest research! 🔬🌳

6CC have been busy this week delving deep into the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest. After some paired research, the children have produced their own rainforest flap books, illustrating and explaining the differences between the four layers of this diverse environment. Year 6 have been keen to extend their writing using causal conjunctions to explain facts further. Some of our class crew also demonstrated their artistic skills creating their own pictures for each layer. Top work, crew! 👍🏼😁

Place Value in Y5

Today 5JC spent some time on Sumdog consolidating our learning around Place Value. They’ve still got plenty more questions to work through in their free time!

Feature finding in English

What an incredible lesson we had discovering the features of different text types in English. We were able to identify the differences between stories, information texts, letters and most importantly instructions which is what our current writing cycle will be on.

We displayed lots of kindness in this active lesson, working extremely well in the silent gallery. Keep up the super work 3VT.

Fact treasure hunt

In yesterday’s expedition lesson, we had a treasure hunt to discover facts about the Romans and complete the missing words on the sheet. This active lesson was really fun and it was incredible to see everybody being so supportive of each other and be able to retrieve and recite the facts they had found. I can’t wait to explore the Romans more with you all throughout this term.

Times Tables Olympics

Today was our first session in times tables olympics. The focus on this activity was incredible and the times table skills are very clear. Keep working hard and having this type of resilience in maths and you will be times tables rockstars in no time 3VT.

Split Art!

Children in 6EG have worked collaboratively to create an awesome piece of art work of an animal from the Amazonian rainforest. They had to work carefully and precisily together to ensure the sections of the image matched which took concentration and teamwork!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

The students had a wonderful time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week, exploring the different areas and comparing the characteristics of each animal to those within the rainforest. The Amazonia section gave us some good information about the rainforests and the animals found there. We look forward to learning more about the rainforests and their inhabitants.