Marvellous Magna

Yesterday year 3 and 4 went on an amazing trip to Magna. We explored all four pavilions – earth, wind, fire and water. We saw lots of exciting exhibits such as both a wind and fire tornado.

To top off all the excitement we had a workshop all about volcanoes. We tested the properties of rocks, looking at which were magnetic and which could float. We then used vinegar and baking soda to make our own erupting volcano.

The children were a credit to the school, with exemplary behaviour and beautiful manners.

🩰💫 Chance to Dance 💫🩰

During the Easter holidays, year 3 children were given the opportunity to take part in a 3 day intensive ballet workshop at XP school. During this time, children took part in choreographing a dance which was performed with 4 other schools for parents. The children represented our school beautifully and both myself and Miss Gate were given lovely feedback! What an achievement!

Welcome back Year 4!

Today, we welcomed back all of our children from what was hopefully a lovely Easter break! In Year 4, we will be spending this week immersing ourselves into our new expedition! This term’s expedition, is called ‘Earth Shattering Events’ with the Guiding Question of, ‘What Happens When Nature Strikes!?’. In this expedition, we will be learing all about the natural phenomena which is found on our planet. The children began this learning by creating posters which highlight some of the natural disasters and landforms that can strike upon our planet. Lovely start to the expedition!

The Power of Life celebration event

What an amazing afternoon we had at our Celebration of Learning event showcasing our fabulous learning of our expedition The Power Of Life: What Fuels Us? The children were immensely proud of the work they produced throughout this spring term and thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with parents and carers through our presentation, circuit activities and singing. Huge thinks to all those who attended.

Happy Easter from 3LG

After working hard all term, Mrs Jenkins and thought the children deserved to end the spring term with a treat day. We started the day with some Easter crafts, making Easter wreaths.

We continued our treat day with some baking. We all made Easter nests topped with chocolate bunnies, jelly carrots, mini eggs and fluffy chicks.

To finish the day off we had very special visit from the Easter Bunny which resulted in an easter egg hunt around school where every child got to find their own Cadburys Creme Egg.

A massive thank you to all parents and carers for your amazing support during the spring term. Have a lovely Easter break and see you in the summer term!

Campsmount Come Dancing 💫💫

I couldn’t have been prouder of the children in Yr 4, 5 & 6 who represented Norton Junior School in the Campsmount Come Dancing show. The theme for the show was different genres of dance and our girls danced jazz. Check out the amazing tricks and lifts. Huge thanks to Mrs Gracey who sorted all the costumes.

A Spring Celebration

A big well done to all year three children this week who absoluetly blew us away with their amazing Celebration of Learning. The children showcased their fabulous learning throughout our expedition The Power Of Life: What Fuels Us? We have loved becoming scientists throughout this expedition and investigating electricity and requirements for life.

Every child in year three worked extremely hard to put on the best celebration possible. From learning lines and practicing singing the song, the children have spent hours preparing to showcase the best versions of themselves. The children are extremely proud of the work they have produced throughout the spring term and this shone through in their dedication to the celebration.

A big thank you to all parents/carers that came out to watch the celebration and joined us in grappling with circuits back in the classroom.

Why is sleep important? 🛌😴

On Thursday morning, the school nursing team visited years 5/6 to talk to the children about the importance of sleep. The children learned about the amount of sleep they should be getting 9-11 hours per night. 

The team also discussed how a regular team could benefit children in their efforts to get to sleep at a reasonable time each night. Refraining from using electronic devices an hour before bed (a suitable cut off time) was also mentioned as a solution to help the brain prepare for sleep. 

Reading in bed, listening to calming music, drawing and colouring were highlighted as activities children can use to reduce cognitive activity in the brain before bed.

Science Week Challenge

 The LKS2 theme for science week this year was connections so what could be more fun than building towers out of sweets. The children were challenged to construct the tallest free standing tower using only 2 pieces of equipment – midget gems and cocktail sticks. Check the wonderful designs by our year 3 children and parents. Huge thank you to all those who came to support their children.

Well done to these children with a tower measuring 72cm!

These two towers were chosen for the creative designs!