Circuit Champions

This expedition, years 3 and 4 have been learning all about circuits and today, it was the turn of 4TE to get their hands well into building their own circuits! As you can see, it looks like they’ve got the hang of it and were wired in!

Welcome Back Year 4!

Happy New Year year 4 and welcome back! It is absolutely delightful to see everybody again! Today, year 4 started looking at their new expedition, “The Power of Life” which will involve looking at sustainability and looking after our planet. To begin this learning, 4TE created some lovely posters all about how we can look after our planet! Great start guys!

Christingle Assembly

We have had some very special assemblies across NortonCampus today. Mr Chadwick arranged forReverend Chris to visitus, and he brought with him his friend Chris. He talked to us aboutthe importance of aChristingle and what it means.

He invited us all to a special Christingle service at CampsallChurch on Christmas Eve at 4pm. During theservice we will get totake part in a Nativity, sing some Christmas carols, make our ownChristingle and we willeven be able to hear Chris’ voice (it onlyworks on Christmas Eve!)

For more information about the meaning behind Christingle -follow this link.

Thank you,
Mrs Parsons xx

NJS Globetrotters!

Over the past two weeks, teams from years 3&4 and 5&6 have ventured to Campsmount to take part in Leger Sport basketball competitions. As always, the events were well organised and highly competitive with our children representing the school proudly. Whilst both teams achieved third, their team spirit, resilience (against incredibly tall opponents) and togetherness was inspiring. Well done to both teams!

Masters of Mathematics!

4TE flexed their Maths brains today with some excellant collaborative demonstrations of their recent learning. They were actively venturing from question to question with their partners showing how far they have come in such a short space of time. Good jobs guys, keep going!

Fantastic Footballing Skills! ⚽️

On Wednesday 5th October, NJS sent a team of Y3/4s and Y5/6s to our first Leger Sport Competition of the year. Both teams performed excellently on the day and enjoyed the opportunity to perform against other well-coached teams in the small-sided games. Shoutout to Liam in year six for his leadership skills in helping to organise and encourage his teammates in the Y5/6 team!

Well done to all involved and thank you to the Leger Sport Staff, Campsmount and the other schools in the local area for an excellent event. May it be the first of many!

War do you think of that then!

Last week, there were some special visitors who had made their way all the way back from 1939 right to our school playground in 2022 to show the children some artefacts and items from World War Two! The children had a great time immersing themselves and finding out some fascinating information about the war from some brilliant experts! What war experts we are now!

Eden Camp Here We Come!

There was much excitment to be had today across both Year 3 and Year 4 as we ventured up to explore Eden Camp and all that it had to offer! The children were becoming immersed into the topic of the Second World War as we shall be exploring that further in this terms expedition. We shall see what else this expedition has to offer in the future and what else we can discover and explore!