War do you think of that then!

Last week, there were some special visitors who had made their way all the way back from 1939 right to our school playground in 2022 to show the children some artefacts and items from World War Two! The children had a great time immersing themselves and finding out some fascinating information about the war from some brilliant experts! What war experts we are now!

Eden Camp Here We Come!

There was much excitment to be had today across both Year 3 and Year 4 as we ventured up to explore Eden Camp and all that it had to offer! The children were becoming immersed into the topic of the Second World War as we shall be exploring that further in this terms expedition. We shall see what else this expedition has to offer in the future and what else we can discover and explore!

Y3/4 Cricket Competition Success! 🏏

A brave team of year three and four children ventured to Askern Cricket Club yesterday for a Campsmount cricket competition. Competing against three other local schools, the children all performed magnificently, demonstrating good tactical awareness and skill. Most of all, their sportsmanship and respect for their team members and the opposition must be celebrated as they recognised the sterling efforts of their competitors during their innings. Well done, team! 👍

Sweet Tasting Connoisseurs!

This week, in preparation for creating our own sweet treat, 4TE became connoisseurs, reviews and critics of exisiting sweet products to see what qualities of different products we liked, and maybe didn’t like, to influence our own future creations! It was a lovely break in the midst of test week where everybody focussed and applied themselves to their best abilities! In the same week, we took part in a number of TTRockstar Rock Battles where against strong opposition, we triumphed against the might of Year 6 alongside our fellow Year 4 class, 4GC. What a super week we have had!

A True TTRockstar!

Today marks the first day of June. Why is this noteworthy? Well last month, a certain member of 4TE showed extreme dedication and effort to play TimesTablesRockstars every single day last month during May! This mighty achievement was achieved by Jack Jepson and he deserves a huge shout out here! So fantastic effort Jack on completing that challenge! Jack is brilliant at his times tables and commitment such as this is proof as to why he’s learnt his tables so well, great work Jack!

4TE’s Trip to Brodsworth Hall!

At the start of this week, 4TE took a trip down to Brodsworth Hall to explore more details about our expedition, ‘Why is Sugar Not So Sweet’. We all had a brilliant time exploring the hall and gardens and speaking to some experts about this fantastic building steeped in history! Above is a video of some of the pictures from our trip, and below are the photos used in the video, plus a few extra ones, 4TE hope you enjoy!

Breaking News! 4TE are first on the scene!

Today, 4TE have become news reporters! Recently, we have been learning about the tarnished history of sugar and its links to slavery. We have specifically been looking at the life and times of Mary Prince – a famous abolishionist. Below is a compilation of various parts of our individual news reports blended into one. The children wrote their own scripts and researched all of the information themselves. This has hopefully culminated in a very professional and informative report!