Market Research

This afternoon, 5HJ needed some help with their upcoming DT project to find out which soft toys are popular. We visited Y2 armed with a host of different questions and carried out market research. We will use our findings to help plan and design our rainforest sort toys!

Human Settlements

This week, 5HJ have been learning about human settlements. The children were given a range of different physical features and human features such as mountains, rivers, town and created their own settlement. Each group was able to explain why the key features were placed in their location, justifying their reasoning.

🐒🦓🐅 Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🐅🦓🐒

It was certainly a hot one but Year 5 had a wonderful time visiting The Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday! The children took part in an endangered animals workshop learning how and why animals are becoming endangered and what we can do to help. Our highlights were definitely spending time with the wallabies and polar bears.