Play on the Pitch at the Eco-Power Stadium! ⚽️

On Wednesday 24th May, a team of year sixes travelled to the Eco-Power stadium to take part in the Richard Bailey Memorial Play on the Pitch tournament. The team played exceptionally well, winning five out of six group games and only drawing one game – credit to the boys, no goals were conceded. Winning 16 out of a possible 18 points, the team then convincingly won their quarter final and semi final games before unfortunately losing 2-0 in the final. 

Organised by Club Doncaster, it was a memorable occasion for the team to play at the stadium. Whilst the team performed brilliantly against tough opponents, especially in the latter stages of the tournament, the character of the team shone brightly throughout the competition. Well done! ⚽️👍🏼

A healthy balance!

This week, year six began their gymnastics journey. Studying balance, the class first took time creating as many different balances as they could in small groups before looking at a mixture of solo and paired balances. Point balances included balances which were support by hands and/or feet whilst patch balances used broader areas of the body such as the back or torso.

The children were asked to create a four balance sequence including two point balances and two patch balances. However, each balance must represent a different fruit or vegetable. Imagination came to the forefront the class created some brilliant sequences, demonstrating control, composure and, of course, balance!

Campsmount Come Dancing 💫💫

I couldn’t have been prouder of the children in Yr 4, 5 & 6 who represented Norton Junior School in the Campsmount Come Dancing show. The theme for the show was different genres of dance and our girls danced jazz. Check out the amazing tricks and lifts. Huge thanks to Mrs Gracey who sorted all the costumes.

Why is sleep important? 🛌😴

On Thursday morning, the school nursing team visited years 5/6 to talk to the children about the importance of sleep. The children learned about the amount of sleep they should be getting 9-11 hours per night. 

The team also discussed how a regular team could benefit children in their efforts to get to sleep at a reasonable time each night. Refraining from using electronic devices an hour before bed (a suitable cut off time) was also mentioned as a solution to help the brain prepare for sleep. 

Reading in bed, listening to calming music, drawing and colouring were highlighted as activities children can use to reduce cognitive activity in the brain before bed.

Nets, nets and more nets!

Rounding off our learning on properties of shape, the children investigated finding the various nets of a cube in pairs before turning their attention to some tricky nets SATs questions involving visualising the nets of different shapes. All pairs showed excellent teamwork, determination and, as usual, fantastic learning attitudes were on show. Great work, crew!

Catapults: Science Week Activity!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our science afternoon in year six. The children were put through a series of STEM challenges before creating their own lollipop stick catapults. Each catapult was tried and tested in the hall with their creations sporting colourful designs.

Football Fusion Cup @ GOALS

The year six girls had an enjoyable afternoon competing against other UKS2 teams in Doncaster on the 8th March. In every game, the girls demonstrated teamwork, skill and physicality, especially in the face of larger, more assertive opponents. The winter weather added another, more chilly dimension to the competition and the team now look forward to possible competitions in the summer in warmer conditions. Well played, girls! ⚽

World Book Day!

It was lovely to celebrate World Book Day this year with many of the school population dressing up as one of their favourite book characters. Year 4 were transferred to 6CC and enjoyed the morning solving riddles and creating their own enchanted story maps with legends for points of interest. There was even enough time for a WBD Kahoot Quiz!

Year 4 Dodgeball Drama!

A team of year 4 dodgeballers took on four local teams today at Campsmount Academy; whilst results may not have gone their way with many close calls, the determined set of year 4s dipped, ducked, dived and dodged in every match and played valiantly until the end. Thank your to Leger Sport for organising the competition. Great work, team!