Negative numbers on a table-scale! 🖊➕➖

Continuing our topic of place value, 6CC have been learning about negative numbers in maths this week. Following an initial lesson learning how to cross zero and find the difference between a positive and negative number, our crew needed some further support to bring them fully up to speed on the strategies we used so what did we do? We hired 10 voluntary maths specialists who were willing to consolidate their own learning by mentoring their peers. After supporting their ‘student’ through the basics, the student-teachers introduced their pupils to negative numbers but in reasoning and problem solving contexts. Sterling jobs, guys!

To Infinity and Beyond!

On Monday, 6CC began the hook week of their first expedition this year, To Infinity and Beyond, centring around the idea of space. Inspired by both the scale and complexity of our universe, the children decided to build their own model solar system with pairs working together to create their very own papier-mache planet. Apologies to parents for the mess but I think it goes without saying our crew had a lot of fun covering their balloons with gluey mixture!

After listening to a short extract from H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, our crew set about using the descriptions and the illustrations in the book to design and create their own alien machines using watercolours. As you can see, the children endeavoured to use the style of the illustrator to good effect and the final creations were fantastic. Well done, 6CC!

On Tuesday afternoon, year six enjoyed a phenomenal surprise of meeting some of their footballing heroes. George Miller, Jon Taylor, Roshaun Williams and Max Woltman of the Doncaster Rovers 1st XI stopped by NJS to get involved in a short games session before answering some of our crews burning questions. I think they were very surprised with some of the children’s competitive attitudes and skills, might prove significant come their next match!

The new Donny Rovers Squad!

An action packed first week back!

In their first week back, the children of 6CC have truly impressed showing a bucketful of enthusiasm, teamwork and confidence; over the course of the week, they have taken part in a wide variety of activities, ranging from lung busting capture the flag to hilarious drama games. Despite the novelty of the activities, the children have out their best foot first and now cannot wait to begin their first expedition of the year… more on that later! 😉

Welcome to year six!

And its like they’ve never been gone! Our new year sixes have hit the ground running in their first day back and have spent the day developing both their character and relationships with their new crew members. Well done to the new 6CC children who approached every challenge with tenacity and worked well as a united team to overcome the day’s challenges. 👌🏼💪🏼

Scorching Sports Day!

On Thursday, NJS welcomed back parents and carers to our annual summer sports day after two years of waiting! In the morning, years 3 & 4 enjoyed their time in the sun taking part in track and field events dotted around the field with plenty of spectator support! It is worthwhile noting our fantastic year 6s supported by leading the field events where they offered useful coaching tips and encouraged lower key stage 2 to try their best!

In the afternoon, years 5 & 6 took to the field – the last time year six’s took part in sports day with parents/carers present, they were in year 3! Most had their chance to run the track whilst our crews cheered them on from the sidelines. As always, a big thank you to our support staff, our supportive parents/carers and to Mr Chadwick for organising the event. May the hot weather continue! #SportsDay

Obi One-Love Coding!

6CC have begun their week with some Star Wars coding after an extremely hot weekend. All enjoyed taking control of BB-8 using code to dictate his movements and avoid the evil Sith hunters. More to follow on this coding adventure!

Y5/6 Cricket Success! 🏏

On Wednesday 7th July, a team of Y5/6 children made the trip to Askern CC for the final sporting competition of the year. Our terrific team performed well and ultimately progressed to a second place playoff where they secured silver. Top job team!🏏

Theme park planning!

Excitement and enthusiasm are just two of the words you would use to describe our Maths lesson today as 6CC set to work planning their very own theme parks!

Each pair began their work by budgeting and discussing which attractions and amenities should be included in their theme parks. Plenty sensible kept much of their £4 million budget which came in handy after they had overlooked one major aspect of their park: pavements! 😱 Despite the slight planning flaw, the groups proceeded to design the floor plan for their theme parks. WeOur crew can’t wait to present their finished parks and to create branding advertising their creations!

The heart and the circulatory system

Over the last two weeks, Year 6 have been learning all about the body’s circulatory system. We have been reading ‘Pig Heart Boy’ in English lessons, have written scientific reports explaining how the heart works and have created some oil pastel artwork of the heart as you’ve never seen it before!