Promoting Mental Wellbeing

This half term during our Wise Wednesday crew sessions, Year 3 have been focussing on Mental Wellbeing. The children have spent time discussing different emotions, how we can understand them and how they can effect our behaviour. These beautiful mindfulness colouring sheets brought calm into our classroom this morning and were coloured in beautifully. We cant wait to get them displayed around school.

Mixing up mixed numbers!

Adding and subtracting fractions was the focus of our mathematics earlier in the week. After sharing strategies to deal with some of the more challenging subtracting mixed numbers problems, 6CC’s skills were put to the test as they navigated the tricky ladder of fortune. 

With plenty of discussion, mentoring and enjoyment, all children, regardless of their own personal fortunes in the game, embraced the challenge with a smile. Awesome job, 6CC! 

3LG Royal Ballet Workshop

This week we had some very special visitors in Y3. We were joined again by Bim and Miss Wendy, as well as a professional pianist and other members of the Chance to Dance team. The workshop allowed the children to demonstrate how hard they have worked in dance over the last term.

The Royal Ballet visitors were blown away by the attitudes of the children, and highly praised how kind, caring and helpful they were towards each other. Well done 3LG!

Circuit Champions

This expedition, years 3 and 4 have been learning all about circuits and today, it was the turn of 4TE to get their hands well into building their own circuits! As you can see, it looks like they’ve got the hang of it and were wired in!

Visitors from The Royal Ballett

This week saw the end of our weekly ballet lessons with a visit from dancers from The Royal Ballet. The children took part in a selection workshop demonstrating different types of ballet. Both visitors and school staff were extremely proud of the behaviour and effort from all children. We will find out soon which children have been selected and who will carry on with their ballet journey. Huge well done guys!

Y3 Build Circuits

This week we have officially kicked off Case Study 1 of our new expedition The Power of Life. We will be learning all about electricity and circuits so it would be rude not to build some of our own. Yesterday we challenged the children to assemble the circuit and switch the light bulb on. We think they did a pretty great job!

Welcome Back Year 4!

Happy New Year year 4 and welcome back! It is absolutely delightful to see everybody again! Today, year 4 started looking at their new expedition, “The Power of Life” which will involve looking at sustainability and looking after our planet. To begin this learning, 4TE created some lovely posters all about how we can look after our planet! Great start guys!

A New Year – A New Expedition

What a cracking day we have had being immersed whole heartedly into our new and exciting expedition – The Power of Life. We spent the morning hunting electrical appliances around school, thinking about the many different devices we have and use at home and ways to reduce usage. The children were also awesome at identifying renewable and non-renewable sources of energy and created wonderful anchor charts persuading people to be more sustainable! Top job guys!

Christmas fun

3HJ have had a wonderful few days enjoying all things festive starting with watching the wonderful pantomime Cinderella and having our Christmas party. We spent our last day together playing crew against crew bingo and Kahoot quizzes. All the year 3 team would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!