Pins and Needles: The learning journey of creating soft toys 🪡🦥

Since the very start of their creative design journey, 6CC have shown resilience and an ability to think critically, before weaving together various sewing techniques to bring their imagination to life.

Through market research and a collective design criteria, each soft toy has emerged as a testament to their dedication and hard work. The classroom has buzzed with enthusiasm as their designs have begun to take shape, boasting a wide range of rainforest animal cuddly toys. Each stitch, every detail meticulously crafted, demonstrates the efforts and passion poured in by our young designers.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling as we approach the completion of their fantastic final product! 

Y3 Take A Trip To Wonderland

Last week we officially kicked off our chance to dance program in school. This year we will be focusing on Alice In Wonderland and so started by taking a deeper look into some of the characters. We used our imaginations to pull best crazy Mad Hatter faces, hurry around like the White Rabbit, scare the people of wonderland like the Queen of Hearts and twirled and explored like Alice. We can’t wait to fall further down the rabbit hole as we continue to explore this ballet!

Market Research

This afternoon, 5HJ needed some help with their upcoming DT project to find out which soft toys are popular. We visited Y2 armed with a host of different questions and carried out market research. We will use our findings to help plan and design our rainforest sort toys!

Can you find the missing digits? 6CC can! 😁👍

In Maths this week, Year 6 have made it their mission to master formal methods of calculation, namely column addition and column subtraction. Putting their understanding to the test, it has been breath-taking to see these tenacious year sixes grappling with missing digit problems and applying their problem-solving/ detective skills to help find some vacant spaces in the calculations. All have worked extremely hard and some have even taken to our Year 6 Learning Site to engage with Maths at home.

Extra Study: NJS Deadly 60!

Some of our class members have produced some stunning, fact-filled presentations at home through the Year 6 Learning Site. Shoutouts to Laura, Lucy and Lucas for their Google Slides about the some of the animals that inhabit the Amazon rainforest. Awesome job!