Performance Poetry in 5JC

The students have been exploring how to use expression and tone when performing poetry. They have worked well in groups, critiquing each others performance so that they can make it even better.

Expert Visit- Modern Day Miner

Yesterday afternoon Y5 and 6 had an expert visit. He spoke to us about his current job working in modern mines and a brief history of mines. The students then had lots of questions for him to answer and it was great to see how engaged the students were.

Campsmount Come Dancing 💫💫

I couldn’t have been prouder of the children in Yr 4, 5 & 6 who represented Norton Junior School in the Campsmount Come Dancing show. The theme for the show was different genres of dance and our girls danced jazz. Check out the amazing tricks and lifts. Huge thanks to Mrs Gracey who sorted all the costumes.

Why is sleep important? 🛌😴

On Thursday morning, the school nursing team visited years 5/6 to talk to the children about the importance of sleep. The children learned about the amount of sleep they should be getting 9-11 hours per night. 

The team also discussed how a regular team could benefit children in their efforts to get to sleep at a reasonable time each night. Refraining from using electronic devices an hour before bed (a suitable cut off time) was also mentioned as a solution to help the brain prepare for sleep. 

Reading in bed, listening to calming music, drawing and colouring were highlighted as activities children can use to reduce cognitive activity in the brain before bed.

Perimeter in Y5

This week in maths, we have been exploring perimeter and area. We started the week by using a range of measuring tools to help us measure the perimeter of different objects around the school and classroom.

Year 5 Morning Sessions

It has been wonderful to see some of the students making the most of the extra time in a morning to complete a range of activities from handwriting to practicing their times tables on TTR.