Egyptian Day

To launch our new and exciting expedition – Happy, healthy me, the children were fully immersed in all things Egyptian on the first day back after the Easter break. 5HJ created mind maps of background knowledge about the Egyptians which they added to over the course of the day after looking at a variety of different sources.

Year 5 Science- Dissolving

During Science Week, Y5 were completing their final case study where they were exploring the different states of matter. One element was investigate dissolving and how we can speed up the process.

The French Revolution at Campsmount Come Dancing 2024 🪩

On Thursday 21st March, a team of twenty-one dancers took part in the annual Campsmount Come Dancing competition. After four months of weekly practice, their collective efforts and commitment culminated in a captivatingly dramatic performance in front of four judges and a raucous crowd of local parents and carers.

With strong competition from other local junior teams in Askern Spa, Barnburgh and Kirk Smeaton, The Norton Junior School dance team captured their audience with a energetic and emotive performance, based on the French Revolution, with accompanying music from Les Miserables. Just when staff and parents could not have been more proud, the team secured a perfect score of 40/40 and came first place in the competition. Spectacular effort! 🪩

🎶🎵Young Voices 2024🎵🎶

What an amazing time children from NJS had at the 2024 Young Voices concert. The Young Voices experience is not just a children’s choir concert but the largest children’s choir concert in the world. All members of staff were so proud of the way the children put their all into singing each of the songs and the dance moves were pretty cool too! 😊

Lowry in Doncaster!

During Case Study 2, we have been creating our final product, which is a Lowry-style painting of the Doncaster landscape. The students took their own photos of buildings during our fieldwork experience and have been practising a range of watercolour painting techniques to ensure they were ready to create their final product.

Ukulele- Week 1

It was our first ukulele session of the year and the students loved recapping the basics and getting familiar with the ukulele again. We also began working on our first song!

Improper fractions dominoes 😊

This week 5HJ have been working hard conquering the world of fractions. Here were are playing dominoes by matching improper fractions with their mixed number partner. What started out as a tricky task soon turned into a competitive game which deepened understanding!

Our Learning Journey- Hook Week

Year 5 have been busy working through their new expedition ‘The Power of Change’. They have started exploring the guiding question ‘How has the 18th Century influenced lives today?’.

We began our expedition with our usual ‘Hook Week’, the above photo shows our learning journey so far. We experienced what a Victorian School and Victorian Workhouse would have been like, built background knowledge about Victorian Schools, visited Danum Museum and the surrounding areas, explored a Victorian artist (William Morris), watched Oliver Twist and began to look at The Industrial Revolution in more detail.

We are already working through our first case study and can’t wait to find out even more!