KS2 Girls Football @ Campsmount Academy

Celebrating athleticism, teamwork, and the spirit of competition, Norton Junior School girls recently took centre stage at the Key Stage 2 football tournament held at Campsmount Academy. The event not only showcased the girls’ skill on the field but also emphasised the importance of camaraderie and self-expression in a team setting. Well done to the girls and a shoutout to Mrs Blunt and Miss Gill for accompanying the team!

Rainforest Narrative Stories in Y5

This week, we have been planning and writing our own rainforest stories based on our chosen animal. The students came up with some wonderful descriptive vocabulary that we could use in our opening paragraphs. The students then shared these wonderful ideas with their friends meaning we all had a deep repertoire of vocabulary to use.

Sam’s Safari Visit

We had the opportunity this morning to see, touch and learn about a variety of animals from rainforests. The students enjoyed asking questions about the different animals and learning whereabouts in the world they came from.

Market Research- Visit to NIS (Y2)

This week we have begun designing our rainforest animal soft toys. The students have been gathering their ideas together and have also been speaking to the experts (Year 2). They wrote their own questions and walked over to the infants to gather their market research.