Wonderful World Book Day!

A wonderful World Book Day was enjoyed by all yesterday! The children in 4TE started the day being welcomed into school by Willy Wonka himself! Then, they spent the morning with Year 3 before becoming immersed in all things pirates in the afternoon! It was a really lovely day and a great way to end the week!

🎶🎵Young Voices 2024🎵🎶

What an amazing time children from NJS had at the 2024 Young Voices concert. The Young Voices experience is not just a children’s choir concert but the largest children’s choir concert in the world. All members of staff were so proud of the way the children put their all into singing each of the songs and the dance moves were pretty cool too! 😊

Setting Description Artwork!

Recently, 4TE have discovered that our English writing focus for this half-term is to create a setting description! To get us started and show the importance of being incredibly detailed and specific, the children had a go at describing different settings to their partner (without their partner seeing) with their partner then having to draw the setting being described to them! There were some very creative pieces of work created from some very detailed and specific narrators!

Dipping, diving and dodging @ Trust Games Year 3/4 Dodgeball

On a very chilly first of December, a team of 10 year 3/4 dodgeballers has the pleasure of competing at Carcroft Primary School against the other schools within the XP trust. All played exceptionally well and demonstrated agility as well as great throwing and catching skills, which subsequently landed the team in second place overall. Well done to the other teams!

Footballing fun for Year 3/4 at Campsmount!

A team of 11 year 3/4s travelled up to Campsmount Academy on Wednesday for another Leger tournament – this time, the weather was typically British. However dense the clouds and wet the ground, this did not darken the boys’ spirits.

The team played extremely well given the conditions and worked as a team to develop strategies against their opposition. Shout outs to Jacob and John as they demonstrated great leadership on the pitch, orchestrating the team’s attacks and defence as well as encouraging their team mates to do well! Another shout out to Spencer for his compassion towards the other team. Soaked through from the start and freezing, the team played well and battled on to the end. Well done, team!

Super Start to School!

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we have already reached the end of our second week back at school but what can I say, time flies when you’re having fun and the children have been having a fantastic time these past couple weeks. From team-building activities last week such as tower building, to becoming fully immersed in all things Roman this week for hook week, the children have been doing it all!

Spaghetti Bridges!

Today, Norton Junior School has seen lots of change, it has been transition day! This means that the children spend the day in the classes they shall be joining for the next academic year. In 4TE, the new class spend the morning becoming engineers and creating spaghetti bridges! As you can see, they were very busy and had a great time creating some very successful bridges which maintained masses of up to 4kg!

Welcome back Year 4!

Today, we welcomed back all of our children from what was hopefully a lovely Easter break! In Year 4, we will be spending this week immersing ourselves into our new expedition! This term’s expedition, is called ‘Earth Shattering Events’ with the Guiding Question of, ‘What Happens When Nature Strikes!?’. In this expedition, we will be learing all about the natural phenomena which is found on our planet. The children began this learning by creating posters which highlight some of the natural disasters and landforms that can strike upon our planet. Lovely start to the expedition!

Circuit Champions

This expedition, years 3 and 4 have been learning all about circuits and today, it was the turn of 4TE to get their hands well into building their own circuits! As you can see, it looks like they’ve got the hang of it and were wired in!