3LG have an expert visitor

Today 3LG have been extremely excited to welcome an expert visitor into school. We talked all about the Second World War and the children asked lots incredible questions.

As part of our work towards creating our final product we have been thinking about why it is important to share stories from World War Two. We cannot wait to start writing about all the information we have learned today!

Wartime Baking

This week 3LG have been learning all about rationing and wartime food. To finish up our learning we made traditional WW2 bread, using only what people would have avaiable at the time.

We have spent the morning following a recipe, measuring igredients, mixing and kneeding dough.

We can definitely think of worse ways to spend a Friday than making the “best bread ever”

Flexible Friday

Flexible Friday is where Yr 3 children choose different activities to complete with their crew. Today Crew Jenkins and Crew West played dodgeball against each other. Although each crew wanted to win, it was lovely to see positive sportsmanship both during and after the games with children cheering for each other, congratulating one another and shaking hands. It was lovely to watch! 😊