School ipad scheme – important up-date

A high number of student iPads are being returned to the Edutech workshop with damaged screens. Our insurers are now implementing a £50 excess to any claims for broken screens where a screen protector is not applied to the device. 

Parents will be liable to pay this excess if screen protectors are not applied. 

If you do not have a screen protector please ask crew leaders who can access these from school admins. 

Screen protectors and devices form part of our crew equipment check process so this is the responsibility of staff, students and parents to ensure devices are appropriately protected.

Y3 Go Christmas Crackers

It’s 1st December and it is fair to say we are already feeling in the Christmas spirit. The start of December saw the arrival of Zoink the Elf, who brought with him the Christmas tree and advent calendars. We had a fabulous time this morning in crew listening to Christmas music and decorating the tree.

We kicked off our festive celebrations with the Y3 Christmas Crafts Fair. We made some amazing Christmas wreaths, Christmas cards and paper snowflakes. A big thank you from the entire Y3 team to all the parents who came in and joined us this morning.

NJS Globetrotters!

Over the past two weeks, teams from years 3&4 and 5&6 have ventured to Campsmount to take part in Leger Sport basketball competitions. As always, the events were well organised and highly competitive with our children representing the school proudly. Whilst both teams achieved third, their team spirit, resilience (against incredibly tall opponents) and togetherness was inspiring. Well done to both teams!

Christmas Craft fun!

On Wednesday 30th, parents and carers of year 6 children were invited to take part in our annual Christmas crafts afternoon. It was lovely to welcome parents into our classroom to help our children create their own tissue paper Christmas wreaths whilst enjoying some Christmas music. Thank you to all who attended an

The Christmas Truce, 1914

This morning, 6CC were ordered to take shelter under the tables as the air raid siren boomed overhead. After spending some time building up our knowledge of all things World War I, the children imagined what it would be like to live and fight in the trenches before being introduced to famous ‘The Christmas Truce’ TV advert.

After watching the video, children planned their own stories (in first or third person) and set about generating vocabulary to enhance the descriptions and emotive language in their writing. With such great ideas and discussions surrounding how the soldiers must have felt during what is a special time of year, I look forward to seeing their finished stories!

Christmas Crafts!

6EG have created some amazing crafts this afternoon with the help of their parents and friends. A great way to start the festive period!

Crafty little elves!

What an absolutely splendid morning in Y4 where many of our families have come into school in order to support the festooning of our classrooms in Christmas cheer. As you can see, the adults were fully immersed in the activities and as such, achieved a minimum of a 3 in their ‘work hard’ HoWL : )

Year 6 Science Lecture

Last night, the Year 6 pupils presented their final product for our Autumn expedition ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ at Campsmount! The pupils were absolutely amazing and presented their learning beautifully. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended the event and Campsmount for the use of their hall.