Improper fractions dominoes 😊

This week 5HJ have been working hard conquering the world of fractions. Here were are playing dominoes by matching improper fractions with their mixed number partner. What started out as a tricky task soon turned into a competitive game which deepened understanding!

Crew Pizza! 🍕

This morning, Crew Cicero had a treat as they made their own pizzas in flexible Friday. The crew banded together ingredients, sharing cheese, pepperoni and ham as well as pittas for their pizza bases. Who needs Dominoes!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas has officially hit 3LG with the arrival of our mischievous elf. Frederick the Elf brought the Christmas spirit and 3LG have offically got the Christmas bug! 3LG spent their Flexible Friday crew session decorating our Christmas tree and completing the exciting activities Frederick had brought us!

On Monday afternoon, we held our annual Christmas Crafts fair where children turned themselves into elves and created paper christmas trees and baubles. We had a fabulous afternoon and will be finding glitter around the classroom for weeks!

On Tuesday afternoon, we brought back the famous NJS Christmas Bazaar where children spent the afternoon going around the school and playing a number of different Christmas games. From pin the nose on rudolph to catch the snowball – NJS had all the Christmas games you could dream of.

Market Research

This afternoon, 5HJ needed some help with their upcoming DT project to find out which soft toys are popular. We visited Y2 armed with a host of different questions and carried out market research. We will use our findings to help plan and design our rainforest sort toys!

Flexible Friday!

This morning Crew Gould enjoyed a number of sweet treats for their Bake Off! Well done to everyone who made cakes for their Crew to enjoy.

Friday Fun!

During Flexible Friday Crew, we played some traditional playground games such as Tig, Stuck in the Mud, and Piggy in the Middle! Children worked well in a team and supported each other – well done!