🐒🦓🐅 Yorkshire Wildlife Park 🐅🦓🐒

It was certainly a hot one but Year 5 had a wonderful time visiting The Yorkshire Wildlife Park yesterday! The children took part in an endangered animals workshop learning how and why animals are becoming endangered and what we can do to help. Our highlights were definitely spending time with the wallabies and polar bears.

We’re stoked! 🔥

After months of discussion and deliberation, NJS is pleased to announce the creation of its brand new fire-pit! Thanks to the diligence and hard work of our own Mrs Blunt, Norton Junior’s fire pit is complete with log stools and a fire ring, ready for exciting crew and activity sessions to come. We can already taste the smores!

Spring Bunting

As a break from the intensive learning the children have worked so hard on this week, we made some spring bunting to decorate the corridors and classroom.

Wood Cookie Christmas Decorations

Over the last two weeks 3LG have put their DIY socks on and created some beautiful wood cookie christmas decorations. They have been using a range of materials including napkins, mod podge, plastic bags and, of course, glitter to create dazzling decorations. The children have worked gently and precisely, making sure not to rip the extremely thin napkin images.

We think the decorations are fab and will look amazing hung among twinkling lights on their Christmas trees.