The ‘Plant’ 🏭🚂

This week, 6CC have enjoyed learning about the Doncaster Plant Works and its use throughout and after Industrial Revolution. After exploring the five stages of its development, the children created their own informational flap books as well as drawing their own unique covers for each of the phases. This was a piece of work where many members of the class enthusiastically took it upon themselves to write about the Plant and present their work as beautifully as they could. Awesome work, class!

Primary School Christmas Musical

A massive well done to the fabulous children who took part in the Christmas musical last night. They put on a super performance, sang their hearts out and delivered their lines like oscar worthy actors. Their hard work, giving up their lunch times, staying after school and being pulled out of classes paid off, with them giving a performance of a lifetime. Well done to everybody who took part, we are incredibly proud of you!

Crew Pizza! 🍕

This morning, Crew Cicero had a treat as they made their own pizzas in flexible Friday. The crew banded together ingredients, sharing cheese, pepperoni and ham as well as pittas for their pizza bases. Who needs Dominoes!

The Lungs of the World: Presentation of Learning 🫁

This afternoon marked a special occasion as parents and carers were invited into our Presentation of Learning for this term’s expedition, ‘The Lungs of our World’. After weeks of hard work learning about the geography and science behind the complex eco-system that is the Amazon rainforest, the children were finally able to present their outcomes: each child wrote a ‘Kapok Tree’ inspired rainforest story, which featured an endangered rainforest animal of their choice, as well as creating a handcrafted soft toy of their animal. The stories were shared last week with Year 2 at Norton Infant School where the children had their chance to read them to a younger audience and educate the infants about what they could do to help our world survive (reducing paper usage and using more technology at home and in the classroom). As act of activism, parents and carers were asked to donate money to the Wildlife Foundation, an organisation formed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to help promote animal welfare and educate the public about the dangers faced by endangered animals across the globe. Thank you to all who came and we hope your cuddly toys and rainforest stories bring enjoyment for years to come! 🦥

Christmas bazaar bonanza! 🎄

The spirit of Christmas was alive and thriving at Norton Junior as the entire school came together for an afternoon of joyous games and heartwarming entertainment. With activities being led by 6CC in their classroom, children from across the school partook in a joyful range of festive-themed activities! 

Among the highlights were classics like ‘Knock the Elf off the Shelf’, where precision and skill were put to the test to dislodge mischievous a mischievous elf from his perch, ‘Santa’s Sleigh Ride’, ‘The Coin Flick’ and ‘The Christmas Spin’. What a way to mark the beginning of the Christmas festivities in school!

A freezing day out at the Kids EFL Cup ⚽️❄️🥶

The Kids EFL cup, a football tournament hosted by club Doncaster, took place on Thursday at the Eco power Stadium. With schools only able to select a strict team of nine for the competition, a team year 5/6 NJS children made the trip to the home of Doncaster Rovers to play against invitational teams from across Doncaster, including local schools Owston Park and Askern Spa. In freezing conditions, the team played exceptionally well and enjoyed a good tournament, showcasing great attacking and defending skills – passing to good support options in space when in possession and closing down the space against attackers when in defence. Whilst the team did not progress to the latter stages of the tournament, there were several exceptional performances: strong defensive performances from Ted and Will in Year Six ensured defenders were kept in check as well as great attacking performances from Fraser, Brooklyn (both Y6) and young Blake in year 5. Additionally, a huge thank you to Mrs Flint for accompanying the team with myself in extremely cold conditions. Great effort team! 

KS2 Girls Football @ Campsmount Academy

Celebrating athleticism, teamwork, and the spirit of competition, Norton Junior School girls recently took centre stage at the Key Stage 2 football tournament held at Campsmount Academy. The event not only showcased the girls’ skill on the field but also emphasised the importance of camaraderie and self-expression in a team setting. Well done to the girls and a shoutout to Mrs Blunt and Miss Gill for accompanying the team!

Year Six Conquers Maths Week England Challenges 🧮

Last week marked an exciting and stimulating time for the Year Six as they participated in Maths Week England 2023. The week-long celebration of all things mathematical brought forth a plethora of challenges, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and collaborative problem-solving.

One of the highlights of the week was the thrilling Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) Crew battle. 6CC and Crew Cicero eagerly embraced the opportunity to showcase their multiplication prowess, facing off against other crews within the school. The TTRS Crew battle not only tested the children’s mental agility but also encouraged teamwork and camaraderie. Among these formidable crews, Crew Cicero emerged with a commendable 4th place finish, showcasing their dedication and skill in the world of numbers, with ‘arch rivals’ Crew Oliver achieving a 1st place finish.

The Cube Challenge was a captivating conundrum for the children, introduced by Dr. Katie Steckles. The challenge required the young minds to grapple with the intricacies of transforming an eight-faced net into a three-dimensional cube. This spatial puzzle not only engaged the children’s mathematical sharpness but also nurtured their problem-solving skills and perseverance. The atmosphere in the classrooms was one of focused determination as the children eagerly tackled the challenge. The challenge served as a testament to the power of hands-on, interactive learning experiences, making mathematics come alive in a way that traditional lessons might not.

Congratulations to all the NJS pupils who participated in Maths Week England. Their unwavering enthusiasm, coupled with their impressive problem-solving skills, made the week a resounding success. The celebration of mathematical prowess is not just about numbers; it is a testament to the pupils’ ability to think critically, work collaboratively, and embrace challenges with a growth mindset. A special thank you to Mr Chadwick for organising the Maths week activities. Well done to all!

‘Scaling the mountain!’ 🗻⏳💡

The Year 6 corridor has been buzzing with anticipation as their first test week kicked off on Monday. These young minds have showcased incredible resilience and resourcefulness, navigating through the challenges thrown at them in the initial days, with mountain that is maths waiting in the wings, yet to be conquered.

The energy in the classroom has been palpable: enthusiasm and determination evident. In these initial days, they’ve demonstrated outstanding qualities—tenacity, adaptability, and an unyielding drive to excel. Year 6, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Keep up the exceptional work!

Pins and Needles: The learning journey of creating soft toys 🪡🦥

Since the very start of their creative design journey, 6CC have shown resilience and an ability to think critically, before weaving together various sewing techniques to bring their imagination to life.

Through market research and a collective design criteria, each soft toy has emerged as a testament to their dedication and hard work. The classroom has buzzed with enthusiasm as their designs have begun to take shape, boasting a wide range of rainforest animal cuddly toys. Each stitch, every detail meticulously crafted, demonstrates the efforts and passion poured in by our young designers.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling as we approach the completion of their fantastic final product!