Y3 Dream of Dancing

Chance to Dance 2024 is well underway with preparations for the final performance in full swing. With weekly visits from Miss Wendy, our chance to dance children have ween working hard to consolidate their ballet knowledge. Focusing on “The Dream”, the children have been thinking about making shapes with their bodies and different ways to move across a space. We can’t wait to watch the beautiful dance they produce!

Y3 Plant Trees

Y3 celebrated their amazing learning throughout the spring term by each planting a tree around the perimeter of the school field. We reflected on our guiding question “How can we protect our wonderful world?” and presented our learning to parents. We are very lucky that Murphy’s group donated enough trees that every child could plant their own with their own customised wooden tag.

Thank you so much to everybody that came and celebrated the children’s awesome work with us.

Y3 Are Magnetic

Yesterday afternoon, Y3 put on their scientist hats and been investigated all about magnets. We went around the classroom testing which items attracted and repelled the magnets. We also looked at what happened when we put different combinations of the magnetic poles together.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas has officially hit 3LG with the arrival of our mischievous elf. Frederick the Elf brought the Christmas spirit and 3LG have offically got the Christmas bug! 3LG spent their Flexible Friday crew session decorating our Christmas tree and completing the exciting activities Frederick had brought us!

On Monday afternoon, we held our annual Christmas Crafts fair where children turned themselves into elves and created paper christmas trees and baubles. We had a fabulous afternoon and will be finding glitter around the classroom for weeks!

On Tuesday afternoon, we brought back the famous NJS Christmas Bazaar where children spent the afternoon going around the school and playing a number of different Christmas games. From pin the nose on rudolph to catch the snowball – NJS had all the Christmas games you could dream of.

Dipping, diving and dodging @ Trust Games Year 3/4 Dodgeball

On a very chilly first of December, a team of 10 year 3/4 dodgeballers has the pleasure of competing at Carcroft Primary School against the other schools within the XP trust. All played exceptionally well and demonstrated agility as well as great throwing and catching skills, which subsequently landed the team in second place overall. Well done to the other teams!

Y3 Take A Trip To Wonderland

Last week we officially kicked off our chance to dance program in school. This year we will be focusing on Alice In Wonderland and so started by taking a deeper look into some of the characters. We used our imaginations to pull best crazy Mad Hatter faces, hurry around like the White Rabbit, scare the people of wonderland like the Queen of Hearts and twirled and explored like Alice. We can’t wait to fall further down the rabbit hole as we continue to explore this ballet!

Footballing fun for Year 3/4 at Campsmount!

A team of 11 year 3/4s travelled up to Campsmount Academy on Wednesday for another Leger tournament – this time, the weather was typically British. However dense the clouds and wet the ground, this did not darken the boys’ spirits.

The team played extremely well given the conditions and worked as a team to develop strategies against their opposition. Shout outs to Jacob and John as they demonstrated great leadership on the pitch, orchestrating the team’s attacks and defence as well as encouraging their team mates to do well! Another shout out to Spencer for his compassion towards the other team. Soaked through from the start and freezing, the team played well and battled on to the end. Well done, team!

So you Want2Be a Roman?

Last week, Y3 were extremely lucky to be visited by Clare from Want2Be workshops for an all day roman workshop. The children came to school in their best roman attire and we started the day in the halllooking at clues into why the Roman’s invaded Britain.

We took part in a number of workshops, from looking at and building roman aqueducts and writing on wax tablets to playing the Roman game or Merels, we looked at all aspects of life in the Roman Empire. We even got our roman shields out and learned to march, stop and even create a Testudo formation.

Y3 Invade Murton with Park

What a way to start our expedition! On Tuesday, Year 3 were extremely excited as we went on our fieldwork to Murton Park. We started the day by donning our tunics and dressing up as Romans.

We had amazing lessons from the Centurian and took part in three fabulous workshops: writing in latin, creating clay oil lamps and training to be a Roman soldier.

The children were a credit to the school and themselves, being praised by Murton Park staff members for their exemplary behaviour and engagement.