Magic Maths

This week children have been learning formal methods of multiplication and supporting each other with some difficult learning. 6EG have shown resilience and determination when faced with these tricky problems – well done!

Split Art!

Children in 6EG have worked collaboratively to create an awesome piece of art work of an animal from the Amazonian rainforest. They had to work carefully and precisily together to ensure the sections of the image matched which took concentration and teamwork!

Play on the Pitch at the Eco-Power Stadium! ⚽️

On Wednesday 24th May, a team of year sixes travelled to the Eco-Power stadium to take part in the Richard Bailey Memorial Play on the Pitch tournament. The team played exceptionally well, winning five out of six group games and only drawing one game – credit to the boys, no goals were conceded. Winning 16 out of a possible 18 points, the team then convincingly won their quarter final and semi final games before unfortunately losing 2-0 in the final. 

Organised by Club Doncaster, it was a memorable occasion for the team to play at the stadium. Whilst the team performed brilliantly against tough opponents, especially in the latter stages of the tournament, the character of the team shone brightly throughout the competition. Well done! ⚽️👍🏼

Spring Bunting

As a break from the intensive learning the children have worked so hard on this week, we made some spring bunting to decorate the corridors and classroom.

NJS Globetrotters!

Over the past two weeks, teams from years 3&4 and 5&6 have ventured to Campsmount to take part in Leger Sport basketball competitions. As always, the events were well organised and highly competitive with our children representing the school proudly. Whilst both teams achieved third, their team spirit, resilience (against incredibly tall opponents) and togetherness was inspiring. Well done to both teams!