Nets, nets and more nets!

Rounding off our learning on properties of shape, the children investigated finding the various nets of a cube in pairs before turning their attention to some tricky nets SATs questions involving visualising the nets of different shapes. All pairs showed excellent teamwork, determination and, as usual, fantastic learning attitudes were on show. Great work, crew!

Catapults: Science Week Activity!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our science afternoon in year six. The children were put through a series of STEM challenges before creating their own lollipop stick catapults. Each catapult was tried and tested in the hall with their creations sporting colourful designs.

Football Fusion Cup @ GOALS

The year six girls had an enjoyable afternoon competing against other UKS2 teams in Doncaster on the 8th March. In every game, the girls demonstrated teamwork, skill and physicality, especially in the face of larger, more assertive opponents. The winter weather added another, more chilly dimension to the competition and the team now look forward to possible competitions in the summer in warmer conditions. Well played, girls! ⚽

World Book Day!

It was lovely to celebrate World Book Day this year with many of the school population dressing up as one of their favourite book characters. Year 4 were transferred to 6CC and enjoyed the morning solving riddles and creating their own enchanted story maps with legends for points of interest. There was even enough time for a WBD Kahoot Quiz!

Year 4 Dodgeball Drama!

A team of year 4 dodgeballers took on four local teams today at Campsmount Academy; whilst results may not have gone their way with many close calls, the determined set of year 4s dipped, ducked, dived and dodged in every match and played valiantly until the end. Thank your to Leger Sport for organising the competition. Great work, team!

How much room for Volume?

Nearing the conclusion of our learning about perimeter, area and volume , 6CC began looking at the space occupied by three dimensional shapes today. By manipulating cubes, they investigated how to find the volume of cubes with varying height before exploring a variety of random 3D shapes and finding their volumes.

Metres for the whiteboard, centimetres for our books! 📏✏️📘

Perimeter practical!

Year 6 began the week by investigating perimeter and took to measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes in the classroom using a variety of equipment. After recapping units of measurement and how some units were best suited for particular contexts (such as km for measuring the distance from school to the local Coop and centimetres for the length of a pencil), the children began to explore perimeter practically. They measured the perimeter of their books whiteboards, boxes, tables, joined tables and much more. Great effort, 6CC!

Year 6 Basketball Tournament

6EG and 6CC took to the courts on Wednesday morning for a basketball tournament to culminate their PE topic. Skills that had been taught through the sequence were on show with children also demonstrating leadership and sportsmanship qualities by motivating and celebrating team members!

Crucial Crew 2023

Year 6 took the annual trip to Crucial Crew in Rotherham to learn about important life scenarios and emergencies. Throughout the day, children were invited to take part in dramatisations and problem solve, with support from specialist instructors from the police and fire service.

6CC Globetrotters learn to master fractions, decimals and percentages!

In this week’s PE session, 6CC were focused on improving their passing skills and pass selection in game situations. After practising the passes in small sided games, the children began discussing and mentoring each other to make better choices when passing the ball. This culminated in the ballers applying their learning to a small sided tournament where successful passing and receiving were rewarded more than scoring! 

Maths has centred around the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages this week with the children learning to convert between the three forms. In today’s lesson, they mentored each other through the conversion process before undertaking an FDP trail, which practised a variety of fraction content learnt thus far. Top effort from all in 6CC as nearly all completed their chosen difficulty whilst others grappled with tricky SATs questions to extend their learning! #MathsTalk

Mixing up mixed numbers!

Adding and subtracting fractions was the focus of our mathematics earlier in the week. After sharing strategies to deal with some of the more challenging subtracting mixed numbers problems, 6CC’s skills were put to the test as they navigated the tricky ladder of fortune. 

With plenty of discussion, mentoring and enjoyment, all children, regardless of their own personal fortunes in the game, embraced the challenge with a smile. Awesome job, 6CC! 

Smile for the camera! 📸

After a jam packed hook week of learning about cameras, reporting historic events for the news and exploring light and the human eye, year six finally began their case study on civil rights. This week, 6CC have explored equality and inequality; today, we watched Martin Luther King’s speech, ‘I have a dream’ from 1963 whilst learning about his work, achievements and beliefs.


In their hook week, year six chose and drew their own camera based on a model. The children are especially proud of their creations which are now displayed down our corridor for all to see!