Y3 Take A Trip To Wonderland

Last week we officially kicked off our chance to dance program in school. This year we will be focusing on Alice In Wonderland and so started by taking a deeper look into some of the characters. We used our imaginations to pull best crazy Mad Hatter faces, hurry around like the White Rabbit, scare the people of wonderland like the Queen of Hearts and twirled and explored like Alice. We can’t wait to fall further down the rabbit hole as we continue to explore this ballet!

Roman Numeral Adventure: Halloween Edition

6CC dove in a different type of romantic numeral maths lesson this week, inspired by the spooks and chills of Halloween. The children firstly began by learning the rules of Roman numerals  by understanding the order of the capital letters, such as IX or XI. Next, they embarked on a Roman numeral tombstone treasure hunt to solve the ages of creepy Halloween characters, such as Tiny, the deceased T-Rex, and Witchy Winnifred. Pupils wanting more challenging questions were asked to solve calculations after deciphering the Roman numerals. Great effort, guys! 

Sam’s Safari

Last Thursday, the students in years 5 and 6 had an exciting visit from Sam’s Safari, a mobile zoo. They learned about a fascinating array of rainforest animals, from skinks and tortoises to geckos, and even some creepy crawlies. The discussion went beyond interesting facts, delving into where these creatures live and the impact of deforestation on their habitats.

Sam’s Safari Visit

We had the opportunity this morning to see, touch and learn about a variety of animals from rainforests. The students enjoyed asking questions about the different animals and learning whereabouts in the world they came from.

Footballing fun for Year 3/4 at Campsmount!

A team of 11 year 3/4s travelled up to Campsmount Academy on Wednesday for another Leger tournament – this time, the weather was typically British. However dense the clouds and wet the ground, this did not darken the boys’ spirits.

The team played extremely well given the conditions and worked as a team to develop strategies against their opposition. Shout outs to Jacob and John as they demonstrated great leadership on the pitch, orchestrating the team’s attacks and defence as well as encouraging their team mates to do well! Another shout out to Spencer for his compassion towards the other team. Soaked through from the start and freezing, the team played well and battled on to the end. Well done, team!

Market Research- Visit to NIS (Y2)

This week we have begun designing our rainforest animal soft toys. The students have been gathering their ideas together and have also been speaking to the experts (Year 2). They wrote their own questions and walked over to the infants to gather their market research.

Magic Maths

This week children have been learning formal methods of multiplication and supporting each other with some difficult learning. 6EG have shown resilience and determination when faced with these tricky problems – well done!

Long Multiplication Mastery! ✖️

On Wednesday, 6CC found themselves blessed as ten new teachers stepped into the class to help them master long multiplication. After studying short multiplication and applying this formal method to various problems of different representations, the next step was to grapple with long multiplication which will assist them with multiplying two or three digit numbers by two or more digits. Credit to the class as they all showed excellent teamwork, mentoring and listening skills. Awesome effort, 6CC!

Market Research

This afternoon, 5HJ needed some help with their upcoming DT project to find out which soft toys are popular. We visited Y2 armed with a host of different questions and carried out market research. We will use our findings to help plan and design our rainforest sort toys!