Lavish Landforms ⛰️

This afternoon, 6CC explored the formation of human settlements. The children organised their settlements depending on the physical features of the environment, such as mountains, forests and rivers to name a few. The children then justified their decisions on where they placed key features to the group. Great class discussion and reasoning!


In P.E. this week, the children incorporated the fundamental skill of jumping into the skill of shooting in handball. Aiming to gain an advantage when shooting the ball, the children tried exceptionally hard to practice the jump shot before taking the new skill into the game. Extra points were on offer for those who jumped, shot and landed in the semi-circle, as well as for making an effort to recover the ball when possession was lost. Awesome effort and a special mention to Evelyn for performance in the mini-game!

Rainforest research! 🔬🌳

6CC have been busy this week delving deep into the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest. After some paired research, the children have produced their own rainforest flap books, illustrating and explaining the differences between the four layers of this diverse environment. Year 6 have been keen to extend their writing using causal conjunctions to explain facts further. Some of our class crew also demonstrated their artistic skills creating their own pictures for each layer. Top work, crew! 👍🏼😁

“Is that a jaguar?!” “Nope, It’s VR!” 😄🐆

Rather than take a long haul 11 hour flight to Brazil, years 5 and 6 enjoyed a digital immersive experience on Monday as they tried virtual reality. Coming face to face with a variety of rainforest animals, from jaguars to sloths, the children got a real taste of the jungle and the diversity of life that lives within it. Thank you, Prime VR! 👍🏼😄📷

Roaring week in Year 6! 🐯

It’s been a wild week in year six where the children have begun their autumn expedition, The Lungs of our World. 6CC have researched the Amazon rainforest and the many animals that inhabit it, presenting in depth fact files and even creating a shoebox habitat for their chosen animal. 

The week culminated with a field trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see some of the animals they’d researched face to face. The class also took part in a surprise workshop to add context the learning of this term’s expedition.  🐯🐵🐗🐍🦓🦍🦏🦛

Climbing the mountain together!🗻

On Tuesday, Year 6 started their first day as the head of the school and made a brilliant start settling in for the year ahead. With a focus on building our crew, the children have engaged in activities to bring individuals together, and to learn each other’s strengths; Wednesdays group challenge was to complete a long distance walk to Brockadale Nature Reserve , and back, a route of just over 8 miles (12 km). Enthusiastic, positive and very supportive of one another, the children completed their first challenge of year six with vigour. We now look forward to some interesting, unorthodox athletics challenges on Thursday before beginning of the hook week for our first expedition of the year. Looking forward to a fantastic year ahead with 6CC 2023/2024!

Ahoy there, Shakespeare? 🏴‍☠️🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻

On the morning of the final Monday of year six, 6CC enjoyed putting their coordinates skills to good use as friends became enemies in today’s pirates bay game. 

When friendships had rekindled, the team had the pleasure of engaging in a Shakespearean murder mystery: Romeo and Juliet Edition with Campsmount English teacher, Mrs Green. All enjoyed putting their detective skills to the test as they attempted to piece together a timeline of events from the evidence. Well done all! 

Brass band & conquer!

Years five and six had the honour of learning from Askern & Hatfield’s Brass Band and listening to their pleasant colliery tunes this afternoon. Between the songs, the musicians gave an insight into the origin of brass bands in the UK as well as talking about the impact being in a brass band has had on their own lives, from performing in prestigious, world-renowned venues to making lifelong friends and even supporting their mental health. Thank you very much to the group for coming to our school to share their music and their stories with us!

Norton’s own theme park opening soon!

This morning, year six gathered themselves into groups to begin drafting business proposals for a new theme park in Norton. With £5 million to spare, the class started to budget their theme park and create a map of their park, including thrill-seeking rides, children’s rides and water flumes galore. Their understanding of the four operations were definitely put to the test as they checked their balance sheet to ensure they could afford their new ventures. Good luck, entrepreneurs! 👍🏼


What a year! It seems like only yesterday our current year 6s were only just beginning their last year at NJS. This week, they gave their all in the 2023 SATs week and blew us all away with their resilience, togetherness and problem-solving skills. 

We are extremely proud of you all and we hope you enjoy your weekend! Thank you also to all the staff in school who helped our children and of course to all parents for your support. 

A healthy balance!

This week, year six began their gymnastics journey. Studying balance, the class first took time creating as many different balances as they could in small groups before looking at a mixture of solo and paired balances. Point balances included balances which were support by hands and/or feet whilst patch balances used broader areas of the body such as the back or torso.

The children were asked to create a four balance sequence including two point balances and two patch balances. However, each balance must represent a different fruit or vegetable. Imagination came to the forefront the class created some brilliant sequences, demonstrating control, composure and, of course, balance!