Crew building!

Our class crew enjoyed a wonderful first week back engaging in a range of exciting team building activities! One of these activities was a STEM task where the children were challenged to design a table out of newspaper that was at least 20cm high and capable of holding at least one dictionary. In true NJS style, our crew smashed their goal and created a table that held an impressive FIVE dictionaries! Excellent team work 5RS – what a great start to the year!

Plenty s’more where that came from!

To celebrate completing this years SATs, 6CC took to the woodland area this morning to enjoy a very different treat. Following a safety briefing from our own outdoors expert, Mrs Blunt, each child roasted their own marshmallow under her guidance to make their very own s’more. It is no surprise the s’mores did not last long and the treat went down very well amongst the class.

Happy, Healthy Me

The summer term has got off to an exciting start with year 5’s immersion into their new expedition: Happy, Healthy Me. Over the course of this week, the children have been getting active (setting new 1 mile PBs and investigating their heart-rate recovery time after exercise), in addition to blind-tasting a range of healthy and unhealthy products and creating some fantastic plague doctor artwork (the focus of our first case study). What a fantastic start to our final expedition!

Who? With what? And where?

Maths lessons are far more enjoyable when they include a murder mystery! This week, y5 put their investigative skills to the test to solve the mystery of who murdered the young millionaire, Henry Baskerville, following a dinner party at Baskerville Hall. Our young detectives had to calculate the perimeter of all the rooms in the hall in order to generate an 8-digit code, which opened the padlocked journal of the murderer. Who needs Sherlock Holmes with y5 on the case!

Y5 Celebration of Learning

This week, the children’s hard work during their first expedition, The Magic of Motion, was acknowledged by their celebration of learning presentation, which also gave the pupils the opportunity to unveil their final product: an information board that will be displayed at one of the local train stations. Throughout the event, all of the students in 5RS demonstrated impressive presentation skills. They were extremely mature and spoke knowledgably with great confidence, which was wonderful to observe!

Deforestation Debates

This week, we transported year 5 into the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to take part in an important debate to determine whether more land should be bought from a local indigenous community to be used for industry. Many other parties that are affected by deforestation in the rainforest also decided to attend the meeting as they wished to have their voices heard.

Using this learning hook, our children worked collaboratively in small groups to write an argument for or against deforestation from the perspective of one of these groups, which resulted in some outstanding persuasive writing! Fantastic work 5RS!

A better use of bed sheets!

This week, year 5 have used a selection of bedsheets to create their own landforms, which they then used as a basis to investigate human land use. The children used the contours of the land to add a river, forests and pastures, before discussing collaboratively how these might affect human settlements. The pupils recognized the importance of providing human settlements with a water supply, vegetation, building materials, space for livestock and a means of defense. Super work 5RS!