Lunch Time Supervisor – Vacancies

Would you like to work at Norton Infant or Norton Junior Schools?We are recruiting for dinner time supervisors across both schools. If you are interested and would like to be considered, please follow the link below and register your interest by completing the Register your Interest form on the XP Trust vacancies website. Please specify which school you are interested in.

Thank you Miss Tunney

Product Preparation

Marvel at our finished pieces of artwork that will be one half of the final product for our current expedition: Earth Shattering Events. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art, we have created images of a volcano erupting and then filled in each block with different, and very vibrant, colours. Alas!


What a year! It seems like only yesterday our current year 6s were only just beginning their last year at NJS. This week, they gave their all in the 2023 SATs week and blew us all away with their resilience, togetherness and problem-solving skills. 

We are extremely proud of you all and we hope you enjoy your weekend! Thank you also to all the staff in school who helped our children and of course to all parents for your support. 

Sharing our Stories: 12/05/2023

Beautiful Work This Week

A Christmas Carol: Year 11 Study Guide for GCSE – created by Year 11 at XP!

Students at XP in Year 11 have been preparing for their GCSE English Literature Exam studying a range of different texts. One of these was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. 

As we learn predominantly through Learning Expeditions at XP Trust, students embarked on a Humanities based expedition entitled Is Charity Enough? Students studied A Christmas Carol whilst considering the work they had completed, and were continuing to study, as part of their GCSE History in the thematic module Health and Medicine through the Ages. Students focussed on A Christmas Carol considering what life was like particularly social conditions at the time the novella was written.

Students then began a detailed study of the Dickens classic by reading and writing about characters, themes and the intent of the novella. This was the foundation for the study guide that includes this content as well as beautiful artwork, interviews with Lucinda Hawksley (the Great Great Great Granddaughter of Dickens himself) as well as curators from the Dickens museum in London.

The result of this work is a fantastic guide for the students to use to help them in their GCSE revision as well as a beautiful product that reflects the students authentic voice and deep engagement with the text. However, this guide isn’t just for our students and their studies  – it’s available to everyone studying A Christmas Carol at GCSE, as well as anyone else with a keen interest in Dickens!

You can buy your copy of the guide here!

All students in X25 were given a copy of the guide and further copies can be purchased through our website.

Beautiful Curation at Norton Campus!

Doncaster Minster – E27 Ethics

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Precision Pinning Piper!

That’s right. Piper takes the crown (pardon the pun) of becoming the blindfolded pinning princess (and again) by being this afternoon’s winner of ‘pin the jewel on Charles’ Crown’ competition. This was a game intended for our community Coronation event which was sadly rained off only for the weather to be cracking the flags come 2pm 🤦. Anyhow, enjoy your long weekend everyone and again, well done to Piper.