School ipad scheme – important up-date

A high number of student iPads are being returned to the Edutech workshop with damaged screens. Our insurers are now implementing a £50 excess to any claims for broken screens where a screen protector is not applied to the device. 

Parents will be liable to pay this excess if screen protectors are not applied. 

If you do not have a screen protector please ask crew leaders who can access these from school admins. 

Screen protectors and devices form part of our crew equipment check process so this is the responsibility of staff, students and parents to ensure devices are appropriately protected.

Crucial Crew 2023

Year 6 took the annual trip to Crucial Crew in Rotherham to learn about important life scenarios and emergencies. Throughout the day, children were invited to take part in dramatisations and problem solve, with support from specialist instructors from the police and fire service.

Crucial Crew

Today Y6 have been on a visit to Crucual Crew, a significant trip as it teaches many important life skills. The children took part in workshops focusing on road safety, water safety and what to do in the event of a fire. The children behaved impeccably and did NJS proud!

6CC Globetrotters learn to master fractions, decimals and percentages!

In this week’s PE session, 6CC were focused on improving their passing skills and pass selection in game situations. After practising the passes in small sided games, the children began discussing and mentoring each other to make better choices when passing the ball. This culminated in the ballers applying their learning to a small sided tournament where successful passing and receiving were rewarded more than scoring! 

Maths has centred around the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages this week with the children learning to convert between the three forms. In today’s lesson, they mentored each other through the conversion process before undertaking an FDP trail, which practised a variety of fraction content learnt thus far. Top effort from all in 6CC as nearly all completed their chosen difficulty whilst others grappled with tricky SATs questions to extend their learning! #MathsTalk

PE in action!

This term 6EG are practising their basketball skills, playing mini games and learning new skills! Great teamwork year 6!

Mixing up mixed numbers!

Adding and subtracting fractions was the focus of our mathematics earlier in the week. After sharing strategies to deal with some of the more challenging subtracting mixed numbers problems, 6CC’s skills were put to the test as they navigated the tricky ladder of fortune. 

With plenty of discussion, mentoring and enjoyment, all children, regardless of their own personal fortunes in the game, embraced the challenge with a smile. Awesome job, 6CC!