School ipad scheme – important up-date

A high number of student iPads are being returned to the Edutech workshop with damaged screens. Our insurers are now implementing a £50 excess to any claims for broken screens where a screen protector is not applied to the device. 

Parents will be liable to pay this excess if screen protectors are not applied. 

If you do not have a screen protector please ask crew leaders who can access these from school admins. 

Screen protectors and devices form part of our crew equipment check process so this is the responsibility of staff, students and parents to ensure devices are appropriately protected.

Actors in the making!

6EG have been practicing their acting skills this afternoon and acting out sections of a space themed story ready to begin writing their own. I think we have a few future thespians in the class!

War do you think of that then!

Last week, there were some special visitors who had made their way all the way back from 1939 right to our school playground in 2022 to show the children some artefacts and items from World War Two! The children had a great time immersing themselves and finding out some fascinating information about the war from some brilliant experts! What war experts we are now!

Y3 Get Evacuated

Last week Y3 fully immersed themselves in our first case study by replicating in the life of a child during World War Two. We got dressed up in our best 1940s attire and walked down to Norton Community Hall where we ate jam sandwiches, drank ovaltine and played games.

To top off an amazing day as evacuees, we had some exciting visitors in school. We were joined by WW2 experts who brought wartime veihcles for us to have a look at and sit in.

Space Descriptive Writing

This week, we have been working on including figurative language in our space descriptive writing to help create a clear image of the setting in the reader’s mind. The children have done a splendid job including similes, metaphors and personification in their written work. Some of the pupils then read their work aloud to the class.

Negative numbers on a table-scale! 🖊➕➖

Continuing our topic of place value, 6CC have been learning about negative numbers in maths this week. Following an initial lesson learning how to cross zero and find the difference between a positive and negative number, our crew needed some further support to bring them fully up to speed on the strategies we used so what did we do? We hired 10 voluntary maths specialists who were willing to consolidate their own learning by mentoring their peers. After supporting their ‘student’ through the basics, the student-teachers introduced their pupils to negative numbers but in reasoning and problem solving contexts. Sterling jobs, guys!

XP Doncaster (XP School and XP East) Student Showcase

XP Doncaster Schools are pleased to invite Year 6 students and their families to our annual Student Showcase. This is an opportunity to find out more about our fantastic schools before decisions are made on the best secondary setting for you child.

To book your place at this event, please click on the link in the poster below.

Evacuee Experience

Yesterday, year 3 spent the day in role as evacuated children during The Blitz. We made gas mask boxes, name labels and jam sandwiches ready for our long journey to Norton Community Hall where children we selected for their new homes. A huge thank you to Mr Parkhouse, who organised extra special visitors and army vehicles including a whole array of WW2 weapons. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with so much learning taking place. What an experience!