Roman Numeral Adventure: Halloween Edition

6CC dove in a different type of romantic numeral maths lesson this week, inspired by the spooks and chills of Halloween. The children firstly began by learning the rules of Roman numerals  by understanding the order of the capital letters, such as IX or XI. Next, they embarked on a Roman numeral tombstone treasure hunt to solve the ages of creepy Halloween characters, such as Tiny, the deceased T-Rex, and Witchy Winnifred. Pupils wanting more challenging questions were asked to solve calculations after deciphering the Roman numerals. Great effort, guys! 

Sam’s Safari

Last Thursday, the students in years 5 and 6 had an exciting visit from Sam’s Safari, a mobile zoo. They learned about a fascinating array of rainforest animals, from skinks and tortoises to geckos, and even some creepy crawlies. The discussion went beyond interesting facts, delving into where these creatures live and the impact of deforestation on their habitats.