Year Six Conquers Maths Week England Challenges 🧮

Last week marked an exciting and stimulating time for the Year Six as they participated in Maths Week England 2023. The week-long celebration of all things mathematical brought forth a plethora of challenges, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and collaborative problem-solving.

One of the highlights of the week was the thrilling Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) Crew battle. 6CC and Crew Cicero eagerly embraced the opportunity to showcase their multiplication prowess, facing off against other crews within the school. The TTRS Crew battle not only tested the children’s mental agility but also encouraged teamwork and camaraderie. Among these formidable crews, Crew Cicero emerged with a commendable 4th place finish, showcasing their dedication and skill in the world of numbers, with ‘arch rivals’ Crew Oliver achieving a 1st place finish.

The Cube Challenge was a captivating conundrum for the children, introduced by Dr. Katie Steckles. The challenge required the young minds to grapple with the intricacies of transforming an eight-faced net into a three-dimensional cube. This spatial puzzle not only engaged the children’s mathematical sharpness but also nurtured their problem-solving skills and perseverance. The atmosphere in the classrooms was one of focused determination as the children eagerly tackled the challenge. The challenge served as a testament to the power of hands-on, interactive learning experiences, making mathematics come alive in a way that traditional lessons might not.

Congratulations to all the NJS pupils who participated in Maths Week England. Their unwavering enthusiasm, coupled with their impressive problem-solving skills, made the week a resounding success. The celebration of mathematical prowess is not just about numbers; it is a testament to the pupils’ ability to think critically, work collaboratively, and embrace challenges with a growth mindset. A special thank you to Mr Chadwick for organising the Maths week activities. Well done to all!