The Lungs of the World: Presentation of Learning 🫁

This afternoon marked a special occasion as parents and carers were invited into our Presentation of Learning for this term’s expedition, ‘The Lungs of our World’. After weeks of hard work learning about the geography and science behind the complex eco-system that is the Amazon rainforest, the children were finally able to present their outcomes: each child wrote a ‘Kapok Tree’ inspired rainforest story, which featured an endangered rainforest animal of their choice, as well as creating a handcrafted soft toy of their animal. The stories were shared last week with Year 2 at Norton Infant School where the children had their chance to read them to a younger audience and educate the infants about what they could do to help our world survive (reducing paper usage and using more technology at home and in the classroom). As act of activism, parents and carers were asked to donate money to the Wildlife Foundation, an organisation formed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to help promote animal welfare and educate the public about the dangers faced by endangered animals across the globe. Thank you to all who came and we hope your cuddly toys and rainforest stories bring enjoyment for years to come! 🦥