Breaking Ground in Year 4

Quite literally.  What an amazing end to our spring term where both y3 and 4 have planted over 120 trees as part of our expedition – There is no Planet B.  During the celebration of learning, we shared our stories about all we had learnt and then talked about the urgency needed to combat climate change.  The crescendo of our celebration resulted in a ‘mass planting’ session where, with our community out in full force, we planted the remaining 62 trees around our school perimeter.  It has been a quite remarkable expedition – beginning with a litter pick and ending with the children’s work being displayed to the community in order to raise awareness of how pollution and waste can impact on the environment.

As always, we are indebted to a great number of people and services that have supported and driven our expedition.  However, special praise is reserved for Murphy’s Group who kindly donated over 100 trees so that each and every child in LKS2 could plant a sapling themselves and know that their learning is steeped in both legacy and life.

Finally, we must finish with a nod to the amazing children across our phase. Throughout this expedition, they have been at their brilliant best and continue to remind us all that although there is much to be frustrated about in the world that we live in, with such impressive, intuitive and inspirational young people having an impact on the planet – our future is indeed bright.

Have a lovely Easter everybody.

There is no Planet B