Year 5 Morning Sessions

It has been wonderful to see some of the students making the most of the extra time in a morning to complete a range of activities from handwriting to practicing their times tables on TTR.

Science Day- Exploring Catapults

We had a lovely time creating catapults with our family members. It was great to see the competitive spirit from both the parents and students. The students and parents created, tested and adapted their catapults to try and fling their ping pong ball as far as possible.

Year 5- Reading

Last week in our reading session, the students had to answer questions about our text with a slight twist. Firstly, they had to find the questions that Ms Anderton had hidden around the outside of the hut. Other than a few complaints about being cold the studnets worked hard in their partners to answer the questions using evidence from the text.

Finding Percentages in Y5

Last week in Year 5, we were exploring percentages of different amounts and to further develop our skills and understanding of how these may be used in the real world, we set up our very own shops. The students found a range of items and chose a price and percentage discount for each item. The other students who wanted to purchase the item had to work out the new price before they could take the item away.

5JC- Setting Descriptions

This week in Expedition we have been editing and writing up our final draft of our Martin Luther King setting descriptions. We have used a range of techniques to support our description of the setting and the students have thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas with each other. It was wonderful to see how proud the students were of their completed work.

5JC- Maths

Today during our maths lesson, we had a variety of problem solving and number games to complete. It was great to see the students working collaboratively on some activities but also competing against each other in a respectful manner.

NJS Globetrotters!

Over the past two weeks, teams from years 3&4 and 5&6 have ventured to Campsmount to take part in Leger Sport basketball competitions. As always, the events were well organised and highly competitive with our children representing the school proudly. Whilst both teams achieved third, their team spirit, resilience (against incredibly tall opponents) and togetherness was inspiring. Well done to both teams!